Long-term archiving without limit 

 Finally a Product that does it All!


Long-Term Preservation on Rollfilm or Microfiche

Save your essential data which are subject to long-term archiving requirements with minimum effort and very cost effective on the proven media microfilm. The SI 57 FILE CONVERTER produces an analog backup of your digital business documents. There is no more need for migration of your electronic archive as microfilm is totally soft- and hardware independent.

Microfilm, produced properly and kept under the right conditions, has a life expectancy of 500 years. In addition it is fake proof and resistant against viruses or worms and cannot be manipulated by hackers.


The first All-In-One Product in the Market



The  SI 57 FILE CONVERTER is the first Archive Writer in the world that offers you the capability to convert your digital data to either rollfilm or microfiche in one unit. It can handle the most common image files such as TIFF, JPEG and PDF on the fly and it doesn’t matter if they come in bitonal, greyscale or color. The converting process is quick, reliable and provides excellent image quality. The original document size can vary from as small as a postcard up to large maps and drawings. After the files are transfered to the system it will work  unattended.
The system includes a PC workstation and operating software which manages the downloaded files. Communication with the PC takes place via standard Interface.


High Productivity
The SI 57 FILE CONVERTER can write up to 7200 images per hour onto microfilm. For smaller originals - such as library cards, cheques etc. -an optional available nesting tool can pre­arrange the images which results in a much higher frame per hour conversion rate.




The fact that the SMA 57 utilizes standard camera rollfilm makes it very cost-effective and does not force the user to buy proprietary consumables.
For conversion to microfiche a special kit containing a cartridge with a 55 m roll of 105 mm roll film.





Technical Specifications & Options

Resolution & Exposure
- High quality precision camera with German made lens
- High resolution LCD display
- Single-Mode (9 million pixels)
- Quad-Mode (36 million pixels)
- Nine-Mode (81 million pixels)
- Landscape Mode
- Portrait Mode (camera model dependent)
- Status display with all necessary information

Converting Process
- Filming type: Bitonal, greyscale and color
- Maximum converting speed: 7200 images per hour
- Document Size: Up to A0 and above
- Film type: 16 mm, 35 mm (standard) and Microfiche (option)
- Film length: 30 m, 40 m, 65 m and 300 m (option)
- File Formats: TIFF (single/multi), PDF (single/multi), JPEG



Software Features of the roll film modul
- Fade in of blips (up to three levels)
- Fade in of Meta Data (file name, doc size, numbers)
- Fade in of start target, end target, index target and others
- Data check before filming
- Creation of log file after filming
- Individually programmable size of steps between frames
- Continuous filming function for 300 m rolls with automatic job separation
- Negative and positive output due to reversal polarity option
- Adjustable shutter speed
- Adjustable exposure control

Delivery Includes
- Two standard rollfim camera heads of your choice
- Application software
- PC workstation

- W: 80 cm
- D: 76 cm
- H: 130 cm
- app. 130 kg (without PC and Monitor)

Recommended accessories
- For the development of microfilms different development machines are available
- The perfectly matched environmentally friendly eco-development chemicals ensure durability for more than 100 years
- Nesting software for variable image merge


 SI 57 - The analog basis for your digital data




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