digi-fiche S

Long-term archiving without digital signature - flexible and secure



With the digi-fiche S system it was reached for the first time to integrate successfully the functions of several devices into one system. The revolutionary technology simplifies all four major archiving types in one system. The long-term storage of your data is assured with the digi-fiche S system easily and effectively. For the active workflow, the data are created digitally, while for long-term archiving all data are stored on microfiche. This is guaranteed security for hundreds of years.

With the digi-fiche S system, you can choose from the following archive types:

1. Analog documents in paper form up to A3 size can be stored on the microfiche.
2. Analog documents in paper form up to A3 size can be stored on the microfiche and can be scanned into a TIFF, JPEG or PDF format
3. Analog documents in paper form up to A3 size and more are digitized in color and binary with a selectable resolution of 200 and 300 (optional 400 dpi)
4. Digital data - TIFF-, JPG- or PDF - are stored on the microfiche.

The conversion system for long-term archiving on microfiche directly and securely!

The microfiche is developed in 2 minutes with degradable organic chemistry.

Technical Data:

• Fully automatic digital-to-analog conversion
• Input: TIFF, JPEG and PDF up to A3 image size
• Output: 105 mm microfiche up to 392 images
• Complete workplace including Windows workstation
• Title input variable
• Integrated microfiche processor
• Existing digital data on different media may be processed as well as images that are in the active workflow

• Dimensions D/W/H cm: 95/200/110 (without workstation)
• Weight: 200 kg (without Workstation)


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