Automatic scanning of all kinds of microfiches  



The multi-fly is a microfiche carrier for all Minolta and Canon microfilm scanner and enables to scan fully automatically all kinds of microfiches and jackets. The specialty of this microfiche carrier is that the positions of images or frames are automatically recognized on a microfiche or jacket with a prescan. These positions are stored on a controller board and passed during the scan to the scanning software.

The installation and operation are very simple:

The multi-fly can be used with all microfilm scanners of Canon und Minolta. You only have to replace the standard carrier with the multi-fly. The communication to the PC results via serial V24 interface. When turning on the microfilm scanner, PC and the multi-fly such as opening the scanning software and the pre scan program, the multi-fly moves into loading position. The microfiche (microfiche, jacket, punch-card) is inserted into the film carrier. Running the pre scan program the recognition of the individual images is done within three seconds. The multi-fly heads for the first recognized recording after successful pre scan. Using the arrow keys, you can positioning the first image in any area of ​​the focusing screen of the microfilm scanner. Starting the scan program the identified images or frames are sequentially scanned automatically. A correction of the position settings is no longer necessary. After scanning the last shot the multi-fly goes back to the loading position and is ready for the pre scan and scanning of the next jacket/fiche.

The control of structured micro fiches is done with a three-point-adjustment. The micro fiches can be scanned horizontal and vertical. The quality control of scanned images is on demand. Reworking is no longer necessary.

The mechanics and electronics of the multi-fly is 17-year proven, since it is based on the principle of the patented "codufidex camera" of Staude (Germany). The multi-fly has an accuracy of 0.05 mm. It is almost maintenance free. With the use of two multi-flys up to 1400 images per hour can be digitized. The scan speed is comparable to other high end microfiche scanner, in half of the investment cost.

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